11 Best Auto Call Recording Apps for Android 2019

Nowadays, recording calls helps us a lot in several ways. Daily growing in technology and more mobile usage drives us to use call recording. Recorded calls in audio format helps us in preventing and solving crimes. If recording became automatic that will be more convenient and it will be possible through auto call recording apps.   

Automatic Call Recorder is best among all other call recording applications for Android which assists us to record any call we need. This app is accessible in free and paid both forms. It is created by Appliqato.

You may find several auto call recording apps on internet but not all are good in producing high quality audio recordings. We have compared and researched between several Auto Call Recorder apps, listed top and best of them.  

Top 11 Best Auto Call Recording Apps for Android

Described below are the top 9 auto calls recording apps for Android:

1: Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Automatic Call Recorder is a great call recorder application for android users. With the assistance of this application, you can record any of call and save it to your SD card. You can record all incoming or outgoing calls. In this free application, there is an alternative option for undesirable calls with the goal that you can hinder the spam call.

Automatic Call Recorder is profoundly secure with the goal that nobody can tune into your recorded calls.

2: Call Recorder ACR

With the capacity to record all incoming as well as outgoing calls on your Android, Call Recorder ACR call recorder application is the best in the market. It offers different features like deleting old recordings and sharing parts of the recordings.

Call Recorder ACR Pro supports additional features like uploading recordings Cloud for Email, Gmail, Dropbox, WebHooks, Google Drive and FTP.

3: All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder is the top driving auto call recording app for Android. It is made easy to record all incoming and outgoing calls. You can share records via Bluetooth, messengers and email. All records will be saved in 3gp format.

4. Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder’s free application available for Android devices with bulk features. The most interesting is we can record Skype, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack. IMO and WeChat calls.

Premium version includes Pin lock feature. Cloud Backup and shake to mark features also will not be available in free version.

5. Callx – Automatic Call Recorder

CallX is the modern call recording app with beautiful design. Unknown phone numbers will be identified with caller id. Supports hd MP3 and WAV formats on major devices. Auto recording will be excluded with phone number or contact name.

6. TrueCaller for call recording

Yes! Do not blow! Most of the people who are using it do not know about call recording feature that is available on TrueCaller. As a fact it is available on premium version only. Play and share high quality audio recordings. Upgrade to premium and try it free for 3 days.

7. RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC auto call recorder records only from microphone. So, we have to turn on loudspeaker to get clear voice of other side. Here we can show or hide recording notification. Filter recordings based on known and unknown numbers.

8. Super Call Recorder for Android

Powerful auto real time call recorder for Android devices. It is completely free of cost. Recordings will be saved in mp3 format. When compared to other recording apps Super call recorder provides clear voice of both sides.

9. Auto Call Recorder by Tool Apps

Record all conversations without any difficulty. Set recording preferences by ignoring contacts or ignoring everything. Auto deletes unsaved recordings after 2 weeks. Save everything on external SD card to retain memory space. One the best Auto Call Recorder with great user interface.

10. HD Phone call recorder

In the name itself clarifies that the sound quality of recording is too clear of both sides. If the opposite side voice is not clear then turn on auto speaker in settings. We can protect records with password protection option and share audio clips via email. Download app using this play store link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vdg.callrecorder&hl=en

11. CallApp for recording calls

CallApp’s main theme is to block spam and to know the caller id. But, similar to TruCaller it is also has automatic call recording option.


Auto Call Recording Apps are the best apps for recording calls instead of manual recorders on Android. You must have these Apps for Android if your Android cell phone doesn’t have the build-in highlight to record all calls naturally. So, for your convenience, we have listed above the top 11 auto call recording apps for Android. After completion of reading the post, just comment which auto call recording app is your top pick!

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