How to Use & Install ACR Phone Call Recorder On iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Now, it is not difficult to record phone calls on the iPhone or iPad also. With ACR Phone Call Recorder App, you can record high-quality audio files of your incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone/iPad. It helps you in recording the unlimited number of calls on the iPhone and iPad. ACR promises high-quality audio call recording.

The app has been rated 4.1 stars in the Apple App Store.

Installation of ACR on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The installation process of ACR in the iPhone and iPad is very easy and quick. Here is how you can do it:

install acr phone call recorder on ios
  • Go to Apple App Store or visit
  • Write Phone Call Recorder – ACR in Search Box, and select the ACR App
  • Then, tap on the “Install” button in order to download the app in your iPhone/iPad
  • Let the installation process be completed, so you must not interrupt it.
  • You have successfully downloaded the ACR in your iPhone/iPad.

How to Use ACR Phone Call Recorder App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Here is how you can use the ACR Phone Call Recorder App in your iPhone/iPad:

Registration Process:

First of all, you must register yourself in the ACR Phone Call Recorder App. Your phone number will be required for your registration, and you must verify your phone number in order to be signed up successfully in the ACR Call Recorder for iPhone.

Having made the account, you can use the app on your iPhone/iPad uninterruptedly.    

Adjusting Settings in ACR Call Phone Recorder App

After registering yourself, you must adjust settings in ACR app in order to enable efficient call recording.

In the settings tab, there will be “enable automatic call recording” which should be enabled by the user. Next, there will be settings regarding the call recording quality, file type, file location, and audio source etc. According to your needs, you must adjust the settings in the app so that automatic call recording may be done very efficiently by the ACR Phone Call Recorder on the iPhone.

Call Recording with the ACR Call Recorder

You can automate the call recording in the app. So, all incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded by the app automatically.

You can also record unknown number calls during calls so that you can produce evidence of any harassment or threat to the authorities. Unknown phone calls can be funny sometimes, so you can hear the recording and laugh it out.

You can include numbers in the app that must be recorded, and exclude numbers that should not be recorded at all in the app.

Sharing Files in ACR Call Recorder

Files can be shared online to different apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. It can also be shared via email. The recordings can also be saved online on DropBox and Google Drive. You just have to tap on call recordings and choose where you want to upload them.


This is how ACR Phone Call Recorder can be installed on iOS and used in iPhone/iPad.

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