How To Use And Install All Call Recorder App On Android?

All Call Recorder is one of the best, efficient and simple solutions for all your call recording problems in your android phone. You can All Call Recorder saves all incoming and outgoing calls in 3GP files in your phone very conveniently and automatically.

How to Install All Call Recorder App on Android Devices?

There is a very simple installing process. Here is how you can install the All Recorder App on Android Device:

The app has been installed on your android device.

All Call Recorder App on Android

First of all, you must register yourself in the app with your phone number. The registration process is followed by the verification process. You should verify your number.

It is very simple to use the All Call App on the android device.

Allowing it to Run:

Once it has been installed, you must open the app to allow it to run on your android phone.

Setting Up All Call Recorder App:

First things first, you should set up your account on All Call Recorder App in order to run it smoothly on your android phone.

Next, you must adjust the “call recorder tab” settings in the Main Menu. You should enable “call recorder option”, and also turn on “Outgoing calls” and “Incoming Calls” options in the All Calls App.

Excluding Numbers:

In the All Call Recorder App, you can exclude numbers that must not be recorded, at all.

Audio Source, File Type and File Location

In the audio source tab, you should put “Voice Call”. You must choose whether you want calls to be recorded in the HD or WAVE audio formats. Here, you can also choose where the audio files will be automatically saved in your phone in the file location option.

Security of the App

You can also secure the app with a PIN. The security of the recorded calls is very important, as anyone can access your phone.

You have successfully set up your All Call Recorder App on your android phone now.

Easy to Use All Call Recorder App

Once you have turned on the automatic call recording setting, you do not need much to do. The incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded automatically and saved in your chosen file location.

You can also save the files online in DropBox or Google Drive. For this purpose, you need to sign in to any of these accounts, and synchronize your All Call Recorder App with Google Drive account.

The deletion of any audio file is also easy. You just have to tap the file, and tap o the “Bin” to remove it from your folder.


In this way, you can keep records of all the incoming and outgoing calls information in the All Calls Recorder App.

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