Features & how to setup CallX Automatic Call Recorder App on Android?

CallX Automatic Call Recorder:

This is one of the best automatic phone call recorders for android devices. This app allows the recording of the phone calls to take place automatically. The CallX Call Recorder has the latest layout and design. It has been upgraded for 2019-2020 so that it can work finely in the android devices.

Features of the CallX Automatic Call Recorder

  1. Automatic Recording. The CallX call recorder app gives you the facility to automatically record all calls in your android device. 
  2. Recording Per Name. Phone calls can be recorded in accordance with the phone number or the contact name.
  3. Not Recording Per Name. The CallX App also gives the facility to the user to “not” record a particular phone number or contact.
  4. Unknown Numbers. The CallX Call Recorder App can also record the calls coming from unknown numbers.
  5. During Call Recording. All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded during the call.
  6. Manual Call Recording. The CallX App enables the user to either manually record the call or automatically.
  7. Quality of Recording. It depends upon you which quality you choose for your call, for instance, HD MP3 or WAVE audio formats.
  8. Playing Recordings. You can also play the recordings in the app.
  9. Filtering of Calls. This option allows you to record all calls or only contacts or unknown numbers.
  10. Export and Share. You can share the files with other apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc. The files can also be saved automatically online in DropBox and Google Drive. The audio files can also be sent via SMS.

Set Up CallX Automatic Call Recorder

Install From Google PlayStore

You must download the CallX Automatic Call Recorder in your android device from the Google Play Store. Having installed, you must register yourself in the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smsrobot.callrecorder&hl=en_IN

Open the App and Click OK

Having opened the app, you will be furnished the “Privacy Policy” of the CallX. You must click “OK” in order to go ahead.  

Opening Main Menu

In the main menu, there are different options. You must choose from different settings options given out to you.  

General Setup of CallX App

Following are the settings that you must make:

Automatic Recording:

You must enable the automatic recording option. Then, you must tap the automatic recording tab. It will take you to further settings, such as Audio Settings, Audio Source, Audio Format, and Audio Quality. You must adjust them per your needs.

 Shake to Record

There is a shake to record option in the CallX app too. You must set it from “high” to “low” in the app.

Notifications Setting

In the notifications setting, you will set:

  • Show notification icon setting
  • Play Sound options
  • Sound volume
  • After Call Settings
  • Memory Settings

In the memory tab, you will set file number, space usage, and file date.

  • Link to DropBox

It depends on you whether you link it to DropBox or not.

You have successfully set up Callx Call Recorder App on Android device.

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