Features & how to setup CallX Automatic Call Recorder App on Android?

CallX Automatic Call Recorder:

This is one of the best automatic phone call recorders for android devices. This app allows the recording of the phone calls to take place automatically. The CallX Call Recorder has the latest layout and design. It has been upgraded for 2019-2020 so that it can work finely in the android devices.

Features of the CallX Automatic Call Recorder

  1. Automatic Recording. The CallX call recorder app gives you the facility to automatically record all calls in your android device. 
  2. Recording Per Name. Phone calls can be recorded in accordance with the phone number or the contact name.
  3. Not Recording Per Name. The CallX App also gives the facility to the user to “not” record a particular phone number or contact.
  4. Unknown Numbers. The CallX Call Recorder App can also record the calls coming from unknown numbers.
  5. During Call Recording. All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded during the call.
  6. Manual Call Recording. The CallX App enables the user to either manually record the call or automatically.
  7. Quality of Recording. It depends upon you which quality you choose for your call, for instance, HD MP3 or WAVE audio formats.
  8. Playing Recordings. You can also play the recordings in the app.
  9. Filtering of Calls. This option allows you to record all calls or only contacts or unknown numbers.
  10. Export and Share. You can share the files with other apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc. The files can also be saved automatically online in DropBox and Google Drive. The audio files can also be sent via SMS.

Set Up CallX Automatic Call Recorder

Install From Google PlayStore

You must download the CallX Automatic Call Recorder in your android device from the Google Play Store. Having installed, you must register yourself in the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smsrobot.callrecorder&hl=en_IN

Open the App and Click OK

Having opened the app, you will be furnished the “Privacy Policy” of the CallX. You must click “OK” in order to go ahead.  

Opening Main Menu

In the main menu, there are different options. You must choose from different settings options given out to you.  

General Setup of CallX App

Following are the settings that you must make:

Automatic Recording:

You must enable the automatic recording option. Then, you must tap the automatic recording tab. It will take you to further settings, such as Audio Settings, Audio Source, Audio Format, and Audio Quality. You must adjust them per your needs.

 Shake to Record

There is a shake to record option in the CallX app too. You must set it from “high” to “low” in the app.

Notifications Setting

In the notifications setting, you will set:

  • Show notification icon setting
  • Play Sound options
  • Sound volume
  • After Call Settings
  • Memory Settings

In the memory tab, you will set file number, space usage, and file date.

  • Link to DropBox

It depends on you whether you link it to DropBox or not.

You have successfully set up Callx Call Recorder App on Android device.

How To Use And Install All Call Recorder App On Android?

All Call Recorder is one of the best, efficient and simple solutions for all your call recording problems in your android phone. You can All Call Recorder saves all incoming and outgoing calls in 3GP files in your phone very conveniently and automatically.

How to Install All Call Recorder App on Android Devices?

There is a very simple installing process. Here is how you can install the All Recorder App on Android Device:

The app has been installed on your android device.

All Call Recorder App on Android

First of all, you must register yourself in the app with your phone number. The registration process is followed by the verification process. You should verify your number.

It is very simple to use the All Call App on the android device.

Allowing it to Run:

Once it has been installed, you must open the app to allow it to run on your android phone.

Setting Up All Call Recorder App:

First things first, you should set up your account on All Call Recorder App in order to run it smoothly on your android phone.

Next, you must adjust the “call recorder tab” settings in the Main Menu. You should enable “call recorder option”, and also turn on “Outgoing calls” and “Incoming Calls” options in the All Calls App.

Excluding Numbers:

In the All Call Recorder App, you can exclude numbers that must not be recorded, at all.

Audio Source, File Type and File Location

In the audio source tab, you should put “Voice Call”. You must choose whether you want calls to be recorded in the HD or WAVE audio formats. Here, you can also choose where the audio files will be automatically saved in your phone in the file location option.

Security of the App

You can also secure the app with a PIN. The security of the recorded calls is very important, as anyone can access your phone.

You have successfully set up your All Call Recorder App on your android phone now.

Easy to Use All Call Recorder App

Once you have turned on the automatic call recording setting, you do not need much to do. The incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded automatically and saved in your chosen file location.

You can also save the files online in DropBox or Google Drive. For this purpose, you need to sign in to any of these accounts, and synchronize your All Call Recorder App with Google Drive account.

The deletion of any audio file is also easy. You just have to tap the file, and tap o the “Bin” to remove it from your folder.


In this way, you can keep records of all the incoming and outgoing calls information in the All Calls Recorder App.

How to Use & Install ACR Phone Call Recorder On iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Now, it is not difficult to record phone calls on the iPhone or iPad also. With ACR Phone Call Recorder App, you can record high-quality audio files of your incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone/iPad. It helps you in recording the unlimited number of calls on the iPhone and iPad. ACR promises high-quality audio call recording.

The app has been rated 4.1 stars in the Apple App Store.

Installation of ACR on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The installation process of ACR in the iPhone and iPad is very easy and quick. Here is how you can do it:

install acr phone call recorder on ios
  • Go to Apple App Store or visit https://apps.apple.com/us/app/phone-call-recorder-acr/id1377904267
  • Write Phone Call Recorder – ACR in Search Box, and select the ACR App
  • Then, tap on the “Install” button in order to download the app in your iPhone/iPad
  • Let the installation process be completed, so you must not interrupt it.
  • You have successfully downloaded the ACR in your iPhone/iPad.

How to Use ACR Phone Call Recorder App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Here is how you can use the ACR Phone Call Recorder App in your iPhone/iPad:

Registration Process:

First of all, you must register yourself in the ACR Phone Call Recorder App. Your phone number will be required for your registration, and you must verify your phone number in order to be signed up successfully in the ACR Call Recorder for iPhone.

Having made the account, you can use the app on your iPhone/iPad uninterruptedly.    

Adjusting Settings in ACR Call Phone Recorder App

After registering yourself, you must adjust settings in ACR app in order to enable efficient call recording.

In the settings tab, there will be “enable automatic call recording” which should be enabled by the user. Next, there will be settings regarding the call recording quality, file type, file location, and audio source etc. According to your needs, you must adjust the settings in the app so that automatic call recording may be done very efficiently by the ACR Phone Call Recorder on the iPhone.

Call Recording with the ACR Call Recorder

You can automate the call recording in the app. So, all incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded by the app automatically.

You can also record unknown number calls during calls so that you can produce evidence of any harassment or threat to the authorities. Unknown phone calls can be funny sometimes, so you can hear the recording and laugh it out.

You can include numbers in the app that must be recorded, and exclude numbers that should not be recorded at all in the app.

Sharing Files in ACR Call Recorder

Files can be shared online to different apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. It can also be shared via email. The recordings can also be saved online on DropBox and Google Drive. You just have to tap on call recordings and choose where you want to upload them.


This is how ACR Phone Call Recorder can be installed on iOS and used in iPhone/iPad.

How to upload recorded calls to Google drive using Automatic Call Recorder App?

Automatic Call Recorder App is the only best app for this purpose that just works amazingly fine. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for free. Automatic Call Recorder has over 100mn downloads, which talks about its trustworthiness and credibility.

You can upload on Google Drive in the cloud services options of the app.

Here is how you can upload recorded calls to Google Drive using Automatic Call Recorder App:

Download Automatic Call Recorder App

Download automatic call recorder app

You must download the Automatic Call Recorder App from Google Play. Having downloaded, you must register yourself with your phone number, and verify it.

Giving Permission in the App

Having downloaded the app, you must give permission to the app so that it can access your personal information, data on the phone and other necessary details. Thus, the Automatic Call Recorder will be making and managing your phone calls. 

Selecting the Phone Calls

Next, you are required to select any of the phone calls or numbers in the inbox, so you can record the call and upload it to Google Drive.

Going Into the Settings Options

Having initiated the app, you must go to settings option that lies on the left of the interface.

Setting Inbox Number

It depends upon you how many numbers of call recordings limit you set in the app.

Upon your convenience and requirement, you can choose from 20, 40, 100, 200, 300, 500 (Pro) and 1000 (Pro) in the Automatic Call Recorder Google Drive.

Going to the “Storage” Setting

Now, it is time to select the “Storage” settings in the Automatic Call Recorder and choose Google Drive as the cloud saving option for the call recordings.

Options in the “Storage”

There are a number of options in the “Storage” where you can get lost, and fail to upload your call on Google Drive. Following are important the options that are seen in the “Storage”:

  1. Recording: In this tab, you will adjust settings regarding the recordings.
  2. Cloud: This is the option that we will be using for our task.
  3. Storage: In this tab, you will be enabled to alter or reset the storage settings.

Selecting Cloud Option in “Storage”

Once you have selected the “Cloud” in the “Storage” options, you will be asked the following:

You must select the “Google Drive” option.

Logging in the Google Drive

Once you have tapped on the “Google Drive” option, you will be asked to log in.

You must turn on all the options, and sign in to your Google Drive.

Then, an option will appear, you must say “Yes” to it.  This is how; you will be synchronizing your data with Google Drive.

You should also enable the “AutoSave to Cloud” option.

It depends on whether you choose cellular data warning and WiFi only.

You have successfully turned on the automatic upload of call recordings to Google Drive.

Automatic Call Recorder – Download APK for Android

Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato allows us to record all calls that you go through on phone automatically. Later we can save the important records and delete futile files. Because of its wide and variety of features, it is the most downloaded and widely using Automatic call recording android app in the Play Store. Integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and Cloud to synchronize for saving or sharing. Because of its high quality audio recordings and simple user interface lured us to list on top among 11 Auto call recording apps on http://autocallrecordingapp.com/ .

Automatic Call Recorder for Android by Appliqato

This app comes up with several features as listed below.

  • Seamlessly record all calls that you are into on your phone.
  • Set which calls are to be recorded and which are to be ignored. Listen and add notes for future citation. Default option is to be recorded ever every call that you receive except pre-selected contacts.
  • If we select option “Ignore Everything” then no call will be recorded except the pre-selected contacts that are chosen to be recorded.
  • Another interesting option is “Ignore Contacts” the name itself reflects the meaning that all calls will be recorded except people who are in contacts list.
  • Easily integrate with file storage and synchronizing services lime Google Drive, Dropbox and Cloud.
  • Inbox folder of Automatic call recorder is of temporary, we need to save important records in order to save them permanently in our device and these saved files will be saved in Saved Calls folder. Those files which are not saved will be deleted automatically from the Inbox after new calls fill up the space.
  • Search for old records by mobile number, contact name or note.
  • App available in both free and paid formats. Free version comes up with advertisements, whereas paid version if free of ads and gives an extra feature that call records of particular contacts will be saved automatically on device as well as on Cloud.
  • Download Automatic Call Recorder via Google Play Store.

We have seen several features offered by Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato. If experienced low voice quality of recordings then try with different audio source or turn speaker on. Download and Install it on your device and share your experience with others via comments section.

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11 Best Auto Call Recording Apps for Android 2019

Nowadays, recording calls helps us a lot in several ways. Daily growing in technology and more mobile usage drives us to use call recording. Recorded calls in audio format helps us in preventing and solving crimes. If recording became automatic that will be more convenient and it will be possible through auto call recording apps.   

Automatic Call Recorder is best among all other call recording applications for Android which assists us to record any call we need. This app is accessible in free and paid both forms. It is created by Appliqato.

You may find several auto call recording apps on internet but not all are good in producing high quality audio recordings. We have compared and researched between several Auto Call Recorder apps, listed top and best of them.  

Top 11 Best Auto Call Recording Apps for Android

Described below are the top 9 auto calls recording apps for Android:

1: Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Automatic Call Recorder is a great call recorder application for android users. With the assistance of this application, you can record any of call and save it to your SD card. You can record all incoming or outgoing calls. In this free application, there is an alternative option for undesirable calls with the goal that you can hinder the spam call.

Automatic Call Recorder is profoundly secure with the goal that nobody can tune into your recorded calls.

2: Call Recorder ACR

With the capacity to record all incoming as well as outgoing calls on your Android, Call Recorder ACR call recorder application is the best in the market. It offers different features like deleting old recordings and sharing parts of the recordings.

Call Recorder ACR Pro supports additional features like uploading recordings Cloud for Email, Gmail, Dropbox, WebHooks, Google Drive and FTP.

3: All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder is the top driving auto call recording app for Android. It is made easy to record all incoming and outgoing calls. You can share records via Bluetooth, messengers and email. All records will be saved in 3gp format.

4. Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder’s free application available for Android devices with bulk features. The most interesting is we can record Skype, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack. IMO and WeChat calls.

Premium version includes Pin lock feature. Cloud Backup and shake to mark features also will not be available in free version.

5. Callx – Automatic Call Recorder

CallX is the modern call recording app with beautiful design. Unknown phone numbers will be identified with caller id. Supports hd MP3 and WAV formats on major devices. Auto recording will be excluded with phone number or contact name.

6. TrueCaller for call recording

Yes! Do not blow! Most of the people who are using it do not know about call recording feature that is available on TrueCaller. As a fact it is available on premium version only. Play and share high quality audio recordings. Upgrade to premium and try it free for 3 days.

7. RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC auto call recorder records only from microphone. So, we have to turn on loudspeaker to get clear voice of other side. Here we can show or hide recording notification. Filter recordings based on known and unknown numbers.

8. Super Call Recorder for Android

Powerful auto real time call recorder for Android devices. It is completely free of cost. Recordings will be saved in mp3 format. When compared to other recording apps Super call recorder provides clear voice of both sides.

9. Auto Call Recorder by Tool Apps

Record all conversations without any difficulty. Set recording preferences by ignoring contacts or ignoring everything. Auto deletes unsaved recordings after 2 weeks. Save everything on external SD card to retain memory space. One the best Auto Call Recorder with great user interface.

10. HD Phone call recorder

In the name itself clarifies that the sound quality of recording is too clear of both sides. If the opposite side voice is not clear then turn on auto speaker in settings. We can protect records with password protection option and share audio clips via email. Download app using this play store link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vdg.callrecorder&hl=en

11. CallApp for recording calls

CallApp’s main theme is to block spam and to know the caller id. But, similar to TruCaller it is also has automatic call recording option.


Auto Call Recording Apps are the best apps for recording calls instead of manual recorders on Android. You must have these Apps for Android if your Android cell phone doesn’t have the build-in highlight to record all calls naturally. So, for your convenience, we have listed above the top 11 auto call recording apps for Android. After completion of reading the post, just comment which auto call recording app is your top pick!

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